• Trust

    The very foundation that Coldwell banker® was built on was that of ‘Trust’ Hence it is imperative for us at Coldwell Banker Principled Realty to lay a base of trust in every deal we commit to.

    No deal we strike for you will fall short of this virtue as it is our single, most important, non-negotiable, irreplaceable value.

  • Transparency

    You won’t have to ever greet an unpleasant incidental expense. Just sign up a ‘Term Sheet’ that lists in advance, every expense you will incur. Not a rupee more, not a rupee less. This way, you will be able to plan your finances in advance. And, stay away from hidden costs and unpleasantness.

  • Professional Service

    You won’t have to deal with cancelled appointments or deal with long waits for keys to inspect an apartment. With us you’ll find agents with formal training, soft skills and a good technical know-how of operations, services and real estate documentation.

  • Urgency

    We understand that sometimes selling or buying a property could be the need of the hour for you. Coldwell Banker Principled Realty has the ability to delicately handle each case accordingly. It is our endeavour to make sure, you won’t have to run around, plead or settle for an unsatisfactory deal.

  • Personalized Solutions

    No two people have similar needs when it comes to property. The ability to identify this unique need and offer customized solutions is the only way we conduct business. We believe that providing tailor-made solutions is the only route to complete customer satisfaction.

  • Long Term Relationships

    We understand that if you are happy with our services, the ‘good word’ spreads within your family and friends. This leads to more opportunities, culmination into a life-long relationship and forms our very own Coldwell Banker® family..

  • Technology

    The ability to leverage your apartment to global buyers for sale and the possibility to select from properties the world over comes with the unique Coldwell Banker® technology. Payments, documentation, easy access to information is the key to our customer-centric services.

About Coldwell Banker Principled Realty

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty is a modern, professionally run and technology-driven real estate brokerage and advisory company, located in the heart of Mumbai - Bandra

We at Coldwell Banker Principled Realty understand that todays’ real estate consumer is knowledgeable, seeks value and excellence in services. This is one of the primary reasons why Coldwell Banker Principled Realty is in existence. To make a difference. To endeavor and transform the way real estate transactions get executed . To become the game changers in the real estate business.

Professionally. Ethically. Transparently. Quickly.

Global Strength: GENBLUE

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty is a part of an elite network. The GenBlue. A global network of 84,000+ Agents, 3000 Coldwell Banker Offices spread over 49 countries.

All working for you. No requirement or demand is small. For over a century, home has been our purpose.  It defines us and everyone in our network.

A house by the sea at Tampa Bay, a hacienda in Spain, a casa in Italy or a maison in France. Ask, and you shall be heaped with options. They do Bandra as well

Our Brand Story

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty an independently owned and operated franchisee of Coldwell Banker India, started its journey in May 2014, bringing its real estate specialists and thousands of clients to Coldwell Banker® network. Coldwell Banker Principled Realty, an independently owned and operated franchisee of Coldwell Banker India, started its journey in May 2014.

Our Legacy

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty is an independently owned and operated franchisee of Coldwell Banker India, that has its roots steeped in a century old American history. A conglomerate whose foundation was laid on principles of ethics, transparency and customer service.

Coldwell Banker History

At Coldwell Banker we know there's nothing like coming home, especially with a furry friend on the other side of the door.

Ghar (Home)

This grand prize winning video from the Coldwell Banker/MoFilm video contest looks at how one woman dreams of home.

Home's Best Friend

At Coldwell Banker we know there's nothing like coming home, especially with a furry friend on the other side of the door.

Brand Promise

Coldwell Banker India offers you an opportunity to scale up and become a real estate brokerage magnate!


Just two people, a baseball, and a backyard. And the comfort of home.

Life, Camera Action

The grand prize winner of the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest and is the cutest home you'll ever see.

The Bandraites

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty team are pukka Bandraites. The local heroes know every quaint lane, every building, it’s history, every wall - the ones with graffiti and those without! They are the local googly-eyed fellas.

Ask them about a particular locality, and they will map the nearest convenience stores, breakfast places, cafés, yoga centres, jogging tracks and walking trails. Don’t be surprised, if they hand over a telephone numbers of the vendors who can supply you with the freshest of veggies and meats!

For them, it’s not about showing off, but showing you around. Finding you a home. Not just a house.

Nilesh Udeshi

Real Estate Specialist

Sagar Rathi

Real Estate Specialist

Prem Kamble

Lead Gen. Specialist

Suchita Pandey

Real Estate Specialist

Sneha Shetty

Lead Gen. Specialist

Debashree Mandal

Pre Sales Specialist

Coldwell Banker Franchisees are independently owned and operated, and are separate and apart from Realogy and Coldwell Banker® Real Estate LLC; they are not involved or responsible for the construction, money payments/collections or completion of the Real Estate Developments. All properties are offered through the Coldwell Banker Franchisees only.